What is TV pad?

Tvpad is the most popular tv box which allow you to watch 100+ chinese tv channels, it looks exactly like a Roku or AppleTV. Has HDMI, USB, TFcard, Network connection and it can stream up to 1080p, more and more chinese use it as a tv overseas.  It also is a great gift for chinese!!


Follow is TVpad AD video:

And Tvpad function introduction video:

The Box Designs:


Main UI on TV:

tv pad ui

TV Channels UI:

TV Channel


tvpad biaoti2

It has access to 70+ chinese TV channels from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. You can see the channel line up below. Some of the more popular channels are Hong Kong TVB, Jade, ATV, CCTV etc.

Chinese Channels:


See more: Korean & Japan Channel list

Say No to unstable signal and heavy weather, just 2M bps for watching fluently over 50 countries and regions without any worries


tvpad biaoti3

TVpad operators and many authoritative providers join to provide a large number of Apps with high-quality audio and video, at the same time, they will carry out regular maintenance of the videos quality to ensure that let every user to enjoy the most stable and reliable Chinese TV service.


tvpad biaoti5

More options in your TVpad: AV / HDMI output modes, USB port, external wireless devices and other optional internet connections.
1.Audio and video output:HDMI/AV port
2.Network interface: Ethernet / USB2.0 Wi-Fi devices
3.Memory interface
4.Expansion card interface: TF card Slot



From research to the market, we spent 4 years;
But TVpad has sold more than 10 million sets worldwide,
it took only 6 months.

tvpad imges8
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More about Tvpad:

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